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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mitinet Commercial Services™ (MCS) do?

MCS creates great metadata and provides shelf ready processing services for the publishing industry. We specialize in high quality, comprehensive metadata and MARC records and library-customized labels and processing services to help publishers, warehouses and distributors and others in the fields of education and libraries market, who sell and process books and educational materials.

How is metadata used in the publishing industry?

In publishing, metadata is used to help promote and distribute books and digital materials online. It is especially critical for eMaterials, since without good, accurate metadata, there is no other way to find these items. Check out our page on discoverability for how that works.

Why should I choose MCS?

There are three reasons you should choose MCS.

First, no one else can create the high-quality metadata record we do for the price.

Second, our turn-around times are some of the best in the industry.

Third, we know the library and educational materials market. Your metadata and library services will have exactly what you and your customers need, when you need it.

What library services do you offer?

Mitinet Commercial Services offers high quality library-customized labels and shelf-ready processing at up to 20% less than our competitors. We also offer a unique on-site label printing service. You order labels online from MCS, and they print out on printers in your facility. On-site printing eliminates shipping and processing delays, and helps you get your orders out faster. Read more on our What We Do page.

Another exclusive MCS advantage is our Library Profile app. Now you can check on the accuracy of your library customer's profile in real time, as your sales team writes up their orders. Your customer can check to make sure that her library's profile is accurate, which reassures her and makes you look good too. If updates are necessary, just submit them to MCS and the profile is updated promptly.

What is the advantage to on-site printing?

The primary advantage to our on-site printing service is the nearly immediate turnaround time for your labels. Once a library customer's profile is in our system (and we have thousands of profiles in the system already) you can be assured that the labels you print for your orders will be formatted to that library's specifications.

On-site printing virtually eliminates label shipping and processing delays, and helps you get your orders out faster. Read more on our What We Do page.

What is included in the SuperbMeta™ record?

The SuperbMeta record starts out with basic information about your book. Title, author, physical description, publisher information, ISBN, etc.. We then add even more metadata, such as genre categories, reviews, awards and citations, a summary paragraph, embedded URLs and at least six relevant subject headings. Read more on our SuperbMeta page.

What else can I include in my SuperbMeta™ record?

It's up to you. Additional metadata might include author information such as a bio or links to an author or publisher site, images of the book's cover and interior, a Table of Contents for non-fiction items or links to additional materials such as teacher guides, book discussion questions or worksheets. Have an idea? Talk to us about including it.

What is a MARC record and why do I need one?

MARC stands for MAchine Readable Catalog record. A MARC record is specific information about a library item (book or other material) created using technical, standardized rules for cataloging.

The basic MARC record contains an item description, the main entry (how someone will find this item when they search for it), subject headings (authorized terminology for what the book is about) and the classification or call number (either Dewey or Library of Congress and specifying where to put the book on the shelf).

Standardized MARC records help libraries organize materials consistently and help library patrons find materials. Although it sounds simple, creating a good MARC record is complex and best done by a professional cataloger up-to-date on the latest rules and techniques for information cataloging.

What is included in a SuperbMARC™?

SuperbMARC™ is the name for MCS' version of the MARC record. It's a segment of your SuperbMeta file formatted to include superior library-specific MARC data. We create the SuperbMARC record according to the latest AACR2 and RDA rules, include Kid-Friendly subject headings and up-to-date reading program and Lexile measurements, in a format guranteed compatible with all library automation systems.

What is authorized terminology?

Authorized terminology, or authority record, is a standardized form for bibliographic metadata. Authority records assure that everyone creates MARC records and categorizes items the same way, making it easier for people to find items with a search.

Some of the most common authorized terminology comes from the Library of Congress. To learn more about the MARC record and authorized terminology, refer to the brochure, Understanding MARC from the Library of Congress website.

What does it mean to "link" to an existing SuperbMeta™ record?

A new ISBN may be linked to an existing SuperbMeta file if the title and content are only different because of the new ISBN or a change in the medium (for example, if it was originally a book and now it's an eBook.)

Can I link a new ISBN to an existing SuperbMeta™ record if I've changed the content of the original book, for example, when issuing a 2nd Edition?

No. If the book has new or different content from the original, a significant portion of the metadata also changes, requiring the book to be re-cataloged.

What is "Limited Distribution" of a SuperbMARC™ record?

"Limited Distribution" means that once you've purchased a SuperbMARC record, you can only distribute it to an end-user customer (a library or institution). The SuperbMARC record may not be sold, re-distributed or otherwise shared with anyone other than the end-user unless that is defined in the contract between you and MCS.

What is a Publisher Data File?

The Publisher Data File is a subsection of the SuperbMeta record, with consistent, accurate and up-to-date information about the book's physical appearance, content, author and publisher. It's used by publishers and distributors to help with online marketing and sales of the book. For example, creating catalogs and listing books on websites.

What is the difference between a SuperbMeta™ record and a SuperbMARC™ record?

The SuperbMeta record is the complete file of all enhanced metadata about your book. It contains the Publisher Data File and the SuperbMARC record.

The Publisher Data File is distributed to publishers and distributors to prepare catalogs and promote online marketing. The SuperbMARC record is formatted for library use. It's purchased for a specific order, and can be customized to include library customer specific information for a small additional fee.

Can I customize a SuperbMARC™ record for a specific library customer?

Yes. The SuperbMARC record is formatted for the general library customer, but for a small additional cost you can add specific library customer information such as formatting the record for their automation system, adding specific label requirements and any other holdings information the library requests. Talk to a Sales representative about prices.

Use the Library Profile to collect holdings data from your customer and we guarantee your SuperbMARC record will have everything your customer needs for easy integration into their existing database.

We also maintain the customer profile for each library, making future purchases even easier.

What about ONIX?

ONIX, ONline Information EXchange, helps publishers and booksellers communicate about published materials electronically. While it has some similarities to MARC, the two systems are not identical or interchangeable. Talk with us about how we can meet your ONIX needs.

What is the difference between a CIP and a P-CIP?

P-CIP (Publisher's Cataloging in Publication) is exactly the same as a CIP (Cataloging in Publication) except that a CIP is created and distributed by the Library of Congress and the P-CIP is created by a third party. MCS can create a P-CIP for your book as part of your SuperbMeta record, for a great price. Talk to a Sales representative for more details.

What is a P-CIP and why do I need one?

P-CIP stands for Publisher's Cataloging in Publication. This is a standardized block of text, created before the publication date of a book, with an abbreviated version of the MARC data needed for intial cataloging. The P-CIP is printed on the verso side of the book's title page.

If you book doesn't have a P-CIP (or CIP) libraries are less likely to purchase it, because of the added difficulty it causes during cataloging and processing. Talk to us about creating a P-CIP for your books.

What is the difference between a P-CIP and a MARC?

P-CIP is MARC data in a standardized format created before publication and printed in the book on the verso side of the book's title page.

The P-CIP makes it easier for a library to catalog a book in hand. If you book doesn't have a P-CIP (or CIP) libraries are less likely to purchase it, because of the extra work it causes. Talk to us about creating a P-CIP for your books.

How do I upload my data to MCS?

Give us your data either through a pre-formatted spreadsheet or by signing in to your MCS portal and uploading the information there. You will need to give us the electronic version of the material to be cataloged at least 12 weeks before the scheduled publication date, so that MCS catalogers can create the SuperbMeta record.

How do I get my SuperbMeta™ record?

We'll send you the Publisher Data File(s) in a spreadsheet, or you can sign in to your online account and download the files from there. Once the SuperbMeta record is created, any updates are available the next time you download a Publisher Data File or SuperbMARC record.

How soon can I expect my SuperbMeta™ records?

Turn-around time depends on the number of records being created, but we aim for a two week turn-around for most orders. Talk to us about a RUSH order if you need it sooner.

What if I need my order right away?

We do offer RUSH service for cataloging and processing. Talk to us if you need pricing information or to schedule a RUSH order.

How often are my records updated?

We update records upon request or when we review for additional information such as reviews, awards or citations.

Can I, as a distributor, get a SuperbMeta™ record for a publisher?

Yes. If you are a customer of MCS, you can order SuperbMeta records for member publishers by signing in to MCS through your web portal and downloading the SuperbMeta or SuperbMARC record you need for each order.

You can also order customized SuperbMARC records and label files or label processing at the same time.

If no SuperbMeta file exists for a book, you can order one by submitting the metadata information through your web portal.

Can I get my books labeled for my library customers?

Yes. You can buy a file which you print yourself and apply to the order, or we'll label them for you. Just complete the Library Profile and submit it with your order.

Our prices for these services are competitive and once a Library Profile is completed, we maintain and update it automatically, saving you and your customers time and assuring accuracy for future orders.

Contact us for details.

What is Shelf-Ready Processing?

Shelf-ready processing is when we prepare and apply labels to an order of books, according to the specifications requested by your library customer. Just complete the Library Profile and submit it with your order. We maintain and update this profile, to insure accuracy for future orders.

Shelf-ready processing saves the library time once the books are in their hands, allowing them to get your books on the shelf faster. This service offers a tremendous, low-cost advantage in the tight educational materials market.

Contact us for pricing details.

How can I correct or update my records?

SuperbMeta records are reviewed for quality and accuracy, but, in the rare case a correction is needed, just contact Customer Service or sign in to your account on our website and notify us of the correction. IPS will distribute the corrected record to your distributors and customers.

Updates about changes to the SuperbMeta record are made the same way.

What if I have a problem with my account?

We take pride in our excellent customer service. If you have a problem with your account please call or email us and our in-house Customer Service Department will get back to you right away.

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