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MCS is more than metadata...

Add value for your library customers with shelf-ready processing, cataloging and circulation supplies.


Offering quality, cost-effective library services helps you sell books. Processing costs money and takes time no matter who does it, and libraries are acutely aware of the potential for cost savings with a vendor who offers low-cost, error-free processing. With MCS, processing library services costs less than if you did it yourself. You gain by keeping your costs low, your prices competitive and offering excellent customer service through faster, more accurate order processing.

Save even more order processing time when you sign up for our on-site label printing service. We work with you to set up, install and train operators to use the MCS platform to order labels online and then print them in your own facility. You get the benefit of quality label creation and immediate printing, without having to invest in the staff needed to create and maintain label files for every customer.

We also offer an exclusive Library Profile app. Once downloaded, your sales team can review a customer's library profile while they're with her, which streamlines order processing for you and assures your customer that her order will be exactly what she wants.



Order Fees
  • There is an Order Set-up Fee for
    each order, with a price break for re-orders.


  • MARC Records are available for your customer for books and eBooks.
    Ask us about record customization.


Shelf-Ready Processing
  • For a small fee per book, we will attach up to 5 items, according to your customer's specifications.
  • Additional items are slightly more.

MCS offers three book label options; electronic file, printed labels or labels
applied as part of our shelf-ready
processing service.

Here is a list of the labels we offer.

  • Barcode Label
  • Spine Label
  • AR Label
  • AR Logo Label
  • Book Pocket Label
  • Lexile Label
  • Reading Counts Label
  • Card Set (Main entry card,
    Two Shelf-list Cards, Subject Cards)
  • Shelf List Card
  • Main Entry Card
  • Date Due Card (Title, Author, Call Number)
Other Items
  • Property Label
  • Theft Protection (3M Tattletape)
  • Pocket for Date Due Card
  • Date Due Slip
  • Barcode Label Protector
  • Spine Label Protector




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