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What is SuperbMeta™?


SuperbMeta™ is bigger...better...faster metadata.

Today, comprehensive metadata is the best way to market and sell your products. The more complete and specific your book's metadata, the more likely it is your customer will find it.

So how do you know your metadata is good enough?
A full understanding of the sources for, and creation of quality metadata is a detailed and constantly changing area of expertise. One that not everyone has the time or inclination
to learn.

At MCS, we live and breathe metadata. We've built a system that brings together elements from many different metadata systems in the publishing and library worlds, to quickly and efficiently create SuperbMeta™, a comprehensive, quality metadata record for today's book market.

  • Nearly twice the fields as an average metadata record
    - more fields, more data, more discoverability
  • Automatically added Lexile & reading program measures help libraries meet school standards (like Common Core) and other objectives
  • More subject heading fields, including Kid-Friendly™ terminology, AKA search words people really use
  • Automatic updates including
    reviews & awards
  • Reviewed for accuracy & quality
  • Created by university-trained, professional catalogers, who understand what great metadata is all about
  • Customizable fields increase accuracy & brand consistency
  • On-demand, online availability for you & your vendors (within the MCS network)
  • Early availability - weeks before the publication date
  • Reduced lag time - cut data entry & record transfer time- less time in the warehouse waiting for someone else to create or recreate metadata for your products


What's the Difference Between SuperbMeta™ and SuperbMARC™?

SuperbMeta™ is the first step in great metadata for your products. SuperbMARC™ is the next step in great metadata specifically designed for your library customer. Find out how libraries use metadata here.


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